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Offshore outsourcing, or offshoring, refers to the procurement of goods or services by a business or an organization from an outside foreign seller, typically to gain the benefits of price difference. Outsourcing helps in increased profitability by cutting down the expenditures on different processes which can be taken care by outside foreign seller at very low prices. The savings may range from 50% to 70% in many cases. Outsourcing is invariably profitable for Small Business Owners as well as large groups.

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India has emerged as the outsource location of choice for United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. The reasons are not hard to identify, India being the second-largest English Speaking population in the world, after United States and an educated and talented workforce.

We at VINR Corp work as closely knitted team of educated, talented and dedicated members who always strive to help clients in achieving the best from outsourcing. We take pride in saying that we have built long-term client relationships and nurtured their organisations by providing quality services at very affordable prices.

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