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Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Data is the backbone of any organization. Whether you are planning, analyzing, every stage and every level of person in the organization requires data. Data as such is not of any use, even if the best of the data is available. The data is required to be transformed into Information to get the best out of it. Today for the industries like IT that creates huge data processing everyday, it is very difficult and requires huge investments as well as lots of time to keep the records up to date. It is now very important to outsource data entry jobs.

Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing:

  • Security
  • Consistency
  • Fast development
  • Low cost
  • Better Presentation
  • Effective working atmosphere at the backend.

While outsourcing data entry jobs, care should be taken to check credibility of your outsource provider. They should be able to recommend various data outsourcing services like data entry , data processing, data extraction, data maintenance, and data scanning, and so on . In addition, outsourcing providers should be having good track record of good quality service and having well-educated staff.

VINR Corp is the best Data Entry Service provider. VINR Corp's data entry professionals are specialists in data entry services and data processing, extraction, typing, capturing and data maintenance services. If you would like to concentrate on your core processes, then Outsourcing data entry work is a wise and profitable option, just leave data entry work to our professionals.

Indian Data Entry Services Company

Data entry outsourcing helps you in saving huge labor cost. Our team of Data Service providers is well aware of the fact that Accuracy , Efficiency , Effectiveness , Accountability and Performance are not just the words to say, they firmly understand their importance and believe in them. Our performance speaks for us. We provide:

•  Online data entry outsourcing.

Online and Offline Data Entry includes the transcription of information from the original source into a machine-readable form . Although keyboard entry is the most familiar, other fast-growing methods include scanners , speech recognition and automatic device-to-system technology.

Data Entry group prepares reports , letters , mailing labels , and other text material. And, we do document management using OCR and MICR scanning i.e., with the help of Optical Character Recognition(OCR), Magnectic Ink Character Recognition(MICR) readers they record , edit , store , and revise letters , memos , reports , statistical tables , forms , and other printed materials . We can also maneuver existing data , edit current information, or proofread new entries into a database for accuracy.

VINR's Data Entry Department specialized for banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, educational institutions, and other organizations; and content for e-learning, online data entry, forms processing, data indexing, e-books, database marketing, direct mail and market research. We are equipped to handle small and very large volumes of data entry. For text and numeric based documents, whether printed or hand-written, we provide a highly accurate and rapid service to manually enter your data in the electronic format.

Online Product Entry: In the present scenario of online selling and purchasing one ought to be on the toes when it comes to displaying the products to be sold. One of the most important steps in creating a successful online business is to provide and update regularly the information about your products in your warehouse. This includes the regular update of the list of products, prices; availability of stock etc. VINR Corp provides solution to such processes through online product entry. The accuracy of online data product entry is of higher order at VINR Corp.

We can craft both online and offline database with all the required information. With the help of content management system, we can identify and add the specified product to the website database. The database is ready only after exploring internet for data retrieval and source URLs. We also enter data from the printed catalogs and can compare the prices of the product / service with the prices of other service providers.

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